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Axis is familiar with how difficult, expensive and time consuming maintaining your wireless equipment can be. It is not uncommon for end users to think their only option is to use the manufacturer for repairs, but this is far from the truth. If you experience long delays, higher costs and hit road blocks with signs that say upgrade, upgrade, upgrade, more money, more money, more money, then we have excellent options for you. Axis repairs Avaya, Nortel, Spectra Link, Polycom and many other vendors' wireless equipment. Axis has been a leader in wireless handset repair services and continues to deliver reliable repairs backed by our warranties. You can choose wireless handset repair services and use them in conjunction with any of our programs. This can be as simple as sending us one or two handsets or letting us manage a nationwide network of handsets for you.

Multiple Repair Options
We offer several levels of repair service and warranties. The types of services available range from simple depot repair services to maintenance contracts, and prices range from $89 to $125. Contact one of our account managers to get the specific pricing and repair options available for your handset.

We Repair all the Major Manufactures
Understanding wireless handsets can be complex; many wireless handsets in service today were manufactured by Spectralink, which was purchased by Polycom. If you do not see your handset on the list below or there is some confusion about which handset you actually have, please contact one of our account managers with your questions. Axis Telesolutions Inc repairs most wireless handsets so we will be able to determine which model you have.

Call an Axis account manager and let them find the right wireless repair option for you.
Avaya 3711Avaya 3620PTX130Avaya 7406C3701 DECT Nortel WLAN handset

PTB310DECT 4040Kirk 5040Kirk 2010Polycom 8002WTB150


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