Axis Helps Interconnects

Axis Telesolutions, Inc. has many relationships with interconnects that provide hardware and repair services alike. Because interconnects does not stock much hardware but need working equipment quickly, they need a vendor they can trust. Axis stocks both new and legacy equipment making sure we have a variety of equipment in stock for last minute troubleshooting. Our stock, in conjunction with your account manager's knowledge on where to get other hardware, is what truly saves the day. Interconnects need a wide variety of hardware so it is impossible to have everything that you may need on hand , but it is not impossible for us to know where to get it. When you have multiple trouble tickets open and customers are out of service, you do not have time to call multiple vendors to find one piece of equipment. That is where your account manager will come into play. Because they will have a working understanding of your needs, they will be able to proactively help you in a pinch.

Repair Can be an additional Revenue Stream.

Having addressed your hardware issues, Axis can also address your repair needs. Many interconnects come across defective hardware and we have a few options for you in regards to this defective equipment.
1) Tell the customer they can get it repaired and keep it as a spare for future outages.
2) Take it with you and have it repaired by us, so you have a spare.
3) Take it with you and see if we have any interest in purchasing the item.
In any situation, we offer good alternatives to the landfill.

We have IP Office Experts.

Interconnects may also consider our technical services. Remote support is not always practical, but with products like the Avaya IP Office we can really shine. If you are in over your head or just don't have much experience with IP Office, give us a call and set up a tech support call. Axis will make your job easier and allow you to provide better customer support to your end users.

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