Testing Services


Axis Telesolutions Inc. offers a complete array of services to meet the demands of end users and resellers alike, including testing services. Our testing services are used by customers and service providers that inventory and manage large amounts of equipment. These services normally require you to have a large test facility with a variety of hardware used to test equipment and the technical expertise to test hardware, but this is not always practical. Axis does have reliable, expert technicians and a refurbishing facility with a large variety of hardware, so we are able to test your hardware for you. When you manage a large amount of hardware and you send replacement hardware out, you need to feel confident that it is working. Some people are comfortable believing that if it worked when they removed equipment from service, it will work when they return it to service. This isn't always practical in larger operations because you may not have a detailed history of that hardware, so it is hard to know whether it worked or not when it was removed form service. In addition to that, sending out nonworking hardware with a technician to install it is a costly mistake. Axis offers testing as a separate service but this service is also a great match with our asset management program.

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