One Year Warranty

Axis Telesolutions Inc. offers a variety of warranty options. The one year warranty is an advance replacement warranty protecting against manufacturer defects. You will feel confident in knowing your equipment is backed by a leader in the telecommunication industry.

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Refurbished Nortel Phone Systems


Axis Telesolutions Inc is an independent distributor of Voice and Data Communications equipment. This allows us to Sell New and Refurbished Products at the best possible prices. Axis carries an extensive stock of refurbished Nortel Phone Systems to address your daily needs. In addition to meeting your daily needs, Axis can supply the refurbished hardware for your next large telecommunication project. All of our account managers handle projects that require hundreds of phones and the deadlines that come with those projects. The prices on our hardware will provide you considerable savings as well as carry a one year warranty or optional extended warranties. To list all of the refurbished Nortel telephones, expansion modules, and media modules would be a waste because we have them all. So, whether you have large or small Nortel demands, we can supply your refurbished Nortel hardware. You may only need a single telephone or several media modules; in either case, we will have the refurbished hardware for your next Nortel project.


Refurbished Nortel Norstar Phone System

Axis can help you with your refurbished Nortel system needs. We have the refurbished Nortel Norstar 3X8, Norstar 6X16, and the Norstar 8X24 phone system and the the telephones you will need.

 Nortel Norstar 3 X 8 KSU  Nortel Norstar 6 X 16 KSU  Nortel Norstar 8 X 24  Nortel T7316E Telephone

Refurbished Norstar Compact ICS(CICS) Phone System

Axis can help you with your Norstar CICS needs, whether you need additional expansion modules or refurbished telephones.

 Nortel CICS System  Nortel LS/DS Trunk Card  Norterl DS 30 Station Port Adapter  Nortel M7208 Telephone

Refurbished Nortel Modular ICS(MICS) Phone System

Axis has your Nortel MICS Phone System, expansion modules and your choice of Nortel refurbished telephone sets.

 Nortel MICS System  Nortel Combo Fiber 6 Port  Nortel 12 x 0 Fiber Trunk Module  Nortel 7316E Telephone


Refurbished Nortel BCM Phone Systems

Axis has all of your BCM needs. We carry the refurbished BCM 50, BCM 200, BCM 400 and BCM 450.

 Nortel BCM 50 KSU  Nortel BCM 400  Nortel BCM Digital Trunk Module  Nortel BCM DSM 16 Digital Station Module

 Use a combination of all of our services for the greatest amount of savings on your next project. Combine Unused Avaya Products with Refurbished Avaya while leveraging your existing products by taking advantage of our repair service.

   Nortel M7208 Telephone    Nortel T7316e Telephone
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