One Year Warranty

Axis Telesolutions Inc. offers a variety of warranty options. The one year warranty is an advance replacement warranty protecting against manufacturer defects. You will feel confident in knowing your equipment is backed by a leader in the telecommunication industry.

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Refurbished Phone Systems


At Axis Telesolutions, we believe purchasing a refurbished phone system for your next business phone system is one of the smartest capital investments you can make.  Purchasing a refurbished system is the smart choice. When you purchase a refurbished system from Axis, you will not sacrifice technology or reliability. In fact, these factors can be improved with longer warranties and more flexible hardware options. We have the ability to offer the latest technology for the tech savvy customer and we can offer a less sophisticated option for a business with less demanding needs or perhaps on a tighter budget. We offer refurbished telephone systems for businesses with four phones or four hundred phones.

Why Choose a Refurbished Phone System vs a New System?

  Cost Effective

Same quality as a new product, fraction of the price!


Keep the same phone system already in use or just replace part of your network instead of introducing an entirely new system.

  Trade-In Value

Trade in your old system for cash!

  Great for Small Business

Great option for small-and mid-size businesses as an alternative to an all new system.


1 Year comprehensive warranty.


Support and Service from our experienced staff.

What does Refurbished Mean?

All of our equipment goes through our rigorous refurbishing process to ensure that all products that we sell and distribute are 100% reliable and are as close to as brand new as possible. Our team here at Axis stands behind all of our refurbished phone systems and our process begins with:

  • Check condition, Inspection of all parts

  • Bring the Phone back to OEM level

  • Clean and Test
  • Update all parts including handset, cord, and line card


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