One Year Warranty

Axis Telesolutions Inc. offers a variety of warranty options. The one year warranty is an advance replacement warranty protecting against manufacturer defects. You will feel confident in knowing your equipment is backed by a leader in the telecommunication industry.

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Refurbished Polycom Phone Systems


Axis Telesolutions Inc is Your Single Source for Polycom Phone Systems; we offer: New Polycom Hardware, Refurbished Polycom Hardware, and Polycom Repair Services.

Make one call, and speak with a knowledgeable member of our team.
They can offer New products, Refurbished products, and Repair Services, at the best possible prices. Axis carries an extensive stock of refurbished Polycom Phone Systems to address your daily needs. In addition to meeting your daily needs, Axis can supply the refurbished hardware for your next large telecommunication project, or provide ongoing repair services.

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All of our account managers handle projects that require hundreds of phones and the deadlines that come with those projects. The prices on our hardware will provide you considerable savings as well as carry a one year warranty or optional extended warranties. To list all of the refurbished Polycom video and voice conferencing solutions would be a waste of time because we have them all. So, whether you have large or small Polycom demands, we can supply your refurbished Polycom hardware. You may only need a single telephone or several conferencing solutions; in either case, we will have the refurbished hardware for your next Polycom project.

Refurbished Polycom VOIP Conferencing Phones

Axis carries refurbished Polycom Soundstion VOIP Conferencing phones. Call us for pricing on the Polycom SoundStation Duo, Polycom SoundStation IP7000, Polycom SoundStation IP6000, Polycom SoundStation IP 5000.

 Polycom Soundstation Duo  Polycom Soundstation IP7000  Polycom Soundstation IP6000  Polycom Soundstation IP5000

Refurbished Polycom Analog Conferencing Phones

Axis carries refurbished Polycom Soundstion Analog Conferenceing phones. Call us for pricing on the Polycom SoundStatiion VTX1000, Poycom SoundStation 2W, Polycom SoundStation2, Polycom SoundStation2 Avaya 2490, Polycom SoundStation2 Direct Connect for Nortel, Polycom VoiceStaion 300, Polycom Voice Station 500.

 Polycom Soundstation  Polycom Soundstation2 Avaya 2490  Polycom Voicestation 300  Polycom Soundstation2 Direct Connect for Nortel

Refurbished Polycom Video Conferencing

Axis carries refurbished Polycom Video Conferencing equipment. Call us for pricing on the Polycom

   Avaya 3725 IP Wireless    

Refurbished Polycom Desktop Solutitions

Axis carries refurbished Polycom desktop solutions.Call us for pricing on the Polycom Business Media Phones, Polycom SoundPoint Telephone, Polycom Micorsoft Optimized Devices, Polycom PC Spergphones, Expansion modules and Consoles.

 Polycom VVX1500 Telephone  Polycom Soundpoint IP 670 Telephone  Polycom Soundpoint Pro SE220  Polycom Soundpoint Expansion Module

Refurbished Polycom Wireless Mobility Solutions

Axis carries refurbished Polycom DECT, Polycom Wi-Fi, Polycom Proprietary Wireless telephones.Call us for all of your Polycom Wireless needs.

 Polycom DECT Kirk 7020  Polycom Spectralink 6020 Wireless  Polycom Spectralink 8400 Series Wireless Telephones  Polycom Spectralink 8020 Wireless

 Use a combination of all of our services for the greatest amount of savings on your next project. Combine New Polycom Products with Refurbished Polycom Products and leverage your existing products by taking advantage of our repair service and maintenance service.

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