Telephone System Repair


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Axis Telesolutions Inc. has a very diverse repair operation and because of this we are adaptable to your needs. We repair most major manufacturer's telecommunications equipment: Avaya, NortelPolycom, Cisco, Shoretel, Spectralink, and will evaluate any product to determine its repair potential. Our diversity and willingness to explore new ideas has made us a leader in the repair industry as a whole and has made us a front runner in the more complex video conference and wireless repair industry. Our diverse telephone system repair options include: Advance Replacement, Depot Repair, Depot Maintenance, Refurbishing, and Testing.

Solder ironAxis offers many levels of repair and refurbishing services. Our standard repair includes a full repair, preventative maintenance, complete refurbishment, individually boxed equipment and comes with a one year warranty. This is only the tip of the iceberg; we offer test only services, refurbishing only service, testing and refurbishing, repair only, repair and refurbishing and asset management.

Our diverse range of services allows us to repair a single Avaya Transtalk for an auto service center or maintain hundreds of handsets for a large hospital. Regardless of your organization's size our equipment repair services will save you money, extend the life cycle of your hardware and give you an alternative to traditional maintenance plans.

When an organization chooses Axis Telesolutions as a repair vendor, they are also improving their recycling program without any extra effort. Whether you are doing it out the kindness of your heart for the environment or you have a recycling program that is mandated by corporate, "repair" should be considered before "recycle". Use this to your advantage and make sure you include repair services in your recycle/reuse program.

Telephone System Repair Pricing

Repair pricing at Axis Telesolutions Inc. is designed to be flexible and meet the various needs of our customers.  The prices listed on our website are for Repair Only, but our standard repair, refurbishing and warranty is recommended for most customers. See the specific details listed below.

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Repair PricingStandard Repair, Refurbishing and Warranty: This price level is for most customers and is designed for customers requiring a phone that is ready for the desk top. Standard Repair price includes; repair, testing, refurbishing, cords, designation strips and the standard warranty for your telephone.  Standard Repair pricing does not include the replacement of displays, specialty micro-processors or plastic housing. These items require additional costs and require pre approval from the customer. Approval and pricing for these additional items can be established and given before or during the repair process. This pricing level is designed to insure the customer is only paying for the service and parts required to repair their equipment.

Inclusive Repair and Refurbishing:  This price level is for customers requiring a more structured pricing level and that require a phone ready for redeployment.  Inclusive Repair price includes; repair, testing, refurbishing, cords, designation strips and the standard warranty for your telephone.  Inclusive Repair pricing does include the replacement of most displays and most specialty micro-processors and some plastics. These items will be replaced based on normal failure rates for your telephone. If higher than normal failure rates are discovered, additional charges may be required. If additional parts are required, no additional work will be performed without the customer approval. To receive Inclusive Repair and Refurbishing pricing, the customer must repair five or more of the same model telephone. Inclusive Repair and Refurbishing is available for a different rate on smaller orders, but the Standard Repair and Refurbishing Option is recommended for those customers.

Repair Only pricing: This pricing level is for larger volume customers who have some resources of their own; i.e. testing and refurbishing. Repair Only includes the repair/testing of your telephone and the standard warranty for your telephone. Repair Only pricing does not include refurbishing, replacement of displays, specialty micro-processors, housing replacement or individual boxes. These items require additional costs and are only added with the customer’s approval. To receive Repair Only pricing, the customer must repair ten or more of the same model telephone.

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