Depot Maintenance



Repair HandsAxis Telesolutions Inc. offers repair programs for every situation and the Depot Maintenance program is an excellent fit between traditional repair service and maintenance contracts. Traditional repair services are the most cost effective way to maintain your hardware, but the turn around times may not be an option. Before we implemented this Depot Maintenance service, your only option was to pay for a maintenance contract to insure that you received replacement stock in a timely manor. The down side of going with a maintenance contract is that you paid for services you never used and the discrepancy in cost can be dramatic. The depot maintenance contract fills the gap between those two original services, by insuring that you get you equipment in a timely manor but only pay for the actual repair services you use. With this Depot Maintenance contract, we guarantee to ship your replacement hardware within twenty four hours of your order approval. Once a year you will sign a maintenance contract and pay a predetermined fee guaranteeing that when you send a set number of telephones to Axis we will return that same number of phones to you within twenty four hours. We will repair your phones and charge the repair fee for those phones. This keeps you from having to maintain a large replacement stock because we do it for you. By not maintaining your own replacement stock you are saving time and money. You do not have worry about keeping corporate inventory; saving you time. Neither do you have to worry about the cost of insuring additional equipment that will only depreciate with time and eventually be worth nothing. You will have the security of having replacement hardware when you need it. This plan insures that you only pay for the items you need repaired and not some estimated amount that favors the maintenance provider. Contact one of our account managers and ask them about this service today.

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