Support for Maintenance Providers

Axis Telesolutions, Inc. is an excellent resource for maintenance providers. With the combination of providing hardware, repair service and on-site service, we have all the bases covered. Being a maintenance provider you are in constant need of hardware on short notice and you need to feel confident that your hardware will be working when it arrives. Axis carries a variety of equipment, both legacy and new, so you can feel confident when you call us, that we will have your part. You will be assigned a dedicated sales rep to handle all your requests so they can develop a working knowledge of your needs. This is important because it allows them to proactively address your needs and help keep you from getting into a pinch.

Repair Services Will Save on Hardware Cost.

If you are a re-seller, it is possible that you have your hardware supply needs met, but you may not have your repair service needs met. The hardware you are replacing can be a valuable asset to your organization, (both by saving you money???) and providing a valuable, on-hand replacement stock. Axis will repair the excess stock you accumulate. We repair Avaya, Nortel, Cisco, Polycom, Spectralink and many more. We also take on special projects when the demand requires it. If you are maintaining a large quantity of a particular item and you do not have a resource to repair that item or would like a competitive quote, please contact us with the details and we will be more than happy to discuss the project.

We Offer Custom Refurbishing.

In addition to repair, we offer refurbishing services, so if you have a large quantity of hardware that you would like to get ready for redeployment, we can assist you with this Maintenance providers are also frequent users of our more sophisticated repair services. Because we repair circuit packs, media modules and wireless handsets in addition to the more traditional items like desk sets, we are a one stop shop for repair services.

We Have Qualified Technicians in the St Louis Area.

Axis also offers tech services in the St Louis and surrounding metropolitan area, so if you are in need of technical service, we can handle your needs.
We handle calls for basic cabling, hardware moves, adds and changes, and site surveys.
Make sure you contact one of our account managers today and take advantage of the many services we offer that will improve your customer service and help your bottom line.

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