Nortel Telephone Repair Service


Your Nortel products are still valuable and worth keeping in service. Even though Nortel is no longer manufacturing hardware, you still have many options for your existing system. You may feel pressure from Avaya to upgrade your hardware but there are many alternatives to this, repair being one of them. Axis Telesolutions Inc. provides Repair Services and Refurbishing on most Nortel equipment. Our state of the art Nortel repair facility is staffed with engineers capable of repairing the most sophisticated hardware that Nortel has to offer. Our engineers and technicians repair Nortel phones at the component level, insuring that your hardware is ready to be returned to service.

Nortel Telephone Repair Procedures

Axis Telesolutions Inc. will test and repair your Nortel telephone for the existing problem and provide preventative repair services as well. With years of Nortel phone repair experience, we are able to address known issues and replace components so they do not cause problems for you in the future. Once your Nortel telephone has been repaired, it will go through our extensive refurbishing process so your telephone looks like new again. Every Nortel telephone is unique but you can expect to receive an individually boxed telephone, new cords and new designation strips, in addition to replaced plastics and buttons as needed.

Nortel expansion Modules and Circuit Pack Repair Service

Our Nortel repair facility takes our service to the next level so you have one Nortel vendor for all of your Nortel Repair needs. In addition to providing a full line of repair service on Nortel telephones, we also repair the Nortel expansion modules and circuits packs. These modules can be very expensive and can even be costly when replacing them with refurbished hardware. This Nortel hardware can be technically challenging to repair but we have made the required investments and can repair even the most sophisticated Nortel modules.

Nortel IP Office Repair Service

Axis Telesolutions Inc. was one of the first to offer repair services on Nortel BCM hardware. Repair services on Nortel BCM hardware is a great value for every end user but it can be especially cost effective for anyone in charge of supporting multiple locations using the BCM.

Make the Smart Choice for Everyone

Using our Nortel hardware repair service is an excellent cost saving option.
Choosing to repair Nortel phones means you are prolonging the useful life of your hardware and impacting the environment in a positive manor. Without much thought, end users dispose of items on a regular basis not considering the impact on our environment. The first excuse revolves around someone saying it is not cost effective to repair telephone hardware. When you use Axis Telesolutions Inc. to repair Nortel hardware, that statement is not true on a financial level and it is even less accurate when you consider the cost to the environment.


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