One Year Warranty

Axis Telesolutions Inc. offers a variety of warranty options. The one year warranty is an advance replacement warranty protecting against manufacturer defects. You will feel confident in knowing your equipment is backed by a leader in the telecommunication industry.

Video Conferencing Repair Service

Polycom, Cisco, Avaya & Tandberg

Axis Telesolutions, Inc. offers a variety of repair services, however our standard repair package includes:

  • Repair on component level
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Refurbishment of your equipment
  • Individually boxed
  • 12 month warranty


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Video Model Standard Repair Price Replacement Parts Available Accessories Available
Polycom HDX4000 $495 YES YES
Polycom HDX6000 $495 YES YES
Polycom HDX7000 $495 YES YES
Polycom HDX8000 $495 YES YES
Polycom HDX9000 $495 YES YES
Polycom HDX9001 $495 YES YES
Polycom HDX9002 $495 YES YES
RealPresence Group 500 $895 YES YES
Real Prescence Group 700 $895 YES YES
Viewstation, MP, SP, EX and FX $300 YES YES
VSX 5000
$300 YES YES
VSX 6000
$300 YES YES
VSX 7000s
$300 YES YES
VSX 7000e
$300 YES YES
VSX 8000
$300 YES YES
Cisco CTS-EX90-K9 TTC7-19 $695 YES YES
Cisco Tandberg 550 $250 YES YES
Cisco Tandberg 550 MXP
$250 YES YES



Axis Telesolutions Inc. is leading the way in video conference repair services. This is an area of high demand due to the high initial investment into video conferencing hardware, so abandoning it can be costly. There is a good chance you have not had much success with the manufacturer offering repair service, and their suggestions have most likely been to replace what you have. This is a logical suggestion for the manufacturer because they get more of your money and keep moving you into the latest technology. But what if you are satisfied with your current video conferencing unit, you don't have the budget to replace it or replacing it might mean you have to replace several others within your organization as well. The bottom line is, replacing it may not be the best option for you and replacement does not have to be your only option. Axis Telesolutions offers free evaluations so if your unit can not be repaired, there is no cost to you and then you can explore other options knowing that you considered every alternative to just replacing your video conferencing unit.

Axis Repair Service are the Economical Option starting at $695


Video Conferencing Repair

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