Polycom Wireless Handset Repair Service

Stop wasting a valuable resource and restore your defective handsets, by using our repair service.

Your Polycom wireless handsets were a major investment and are still a valuable resource to your employees. This is why customers use Axis Telesolutions, Inc. for post warranty repair services on their Polycom wireless handsets. Wireless handsets are designed for employees needing to stay connected and mobile; as a consequence you may see a large number of failures. This is the norm for wireless handsets, but Axis can help reduce the associated cost and insure you always have handsets available.

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The Repair Process is Easy: Contact one of our account managers and they will issue an Axis Repair Request number. You will be asked to send in your defective Polycom Wireless Handset and include the repair request number on the label. When Axis receives your defective Polycom equipment, we will inventory the received hardware, notify you of the receipt and proceed with the repair, after your final approval.

Fast Repair Turn Around: Axis Telesolutions has an excellent repair record with wireless handsets. That being said, wireless handsets are complicated to repair so we cannot guarantee a turn-around time. We understand your Polycom is important to you and will try to repair it within 10 business days. We will keep you informed and ultimately let you determine if we should continue the repair process. If you require immediate turn around, we do offer other options like Advance Replacement or Depot Maintenance.

What to include with your handset: Please include the handset and charger if you suspect it to be defective. This will insure we are able to trouble shoot all potential problems.

Be Proactive: To insure you are able to install your Polycom Wireless Handset when you receive it back, be proactive. Take time to document the settings and connections on your PBX, Wi-Fi, and DECT before you send anything in. Do this by taking notes and photos before your start removing your wireless hardware.

Warranty: The Polycom Wireless Handset repair and refurbishing service comes with two levels of warranty: a 90 Day or One Year Warranty. This repair warranty applies to the actual hardware that was repaired, not accessories and batteries. *Additional Charges: In certain situations, Axis may need to request additional funds for the repair. This is rare and we do not proceed without prior approval.

Axis Telesolutions, Inc. is an independent reseller and repair center; reselling and repairing hardware from multiple manufacturers. Axis Telesolutions, Inc. does not represent Polycom.

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