Axis Telesolutions, Inc. offers a variety of repair services, however our standard repair package includes:

  • Repair on component level
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Refurbishment of your equipment
  • Individually boxed
  • Set of cords at customer request
  • 12 Month warranty

Axis Telesolutions, Inc. also offers replacement parts like LCD, housing, buttons, and handsets.

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ShoreTel Model Standard Repair Price Replacement Parts Available Accessories Available
ShoreTel IP110 $45 YES YES
ShoreTel IP115 $45 YES YES
ShoreTel IP212K $55 YES YES
ShoreTel IP230 $55 YES YES
ShoreTel IP230G $55 YES YES
ShoreTel IP265 $45 YES YES
ShoreTel IP420 $65 YES YES
ShoreTel IP480 $65 YES YES
ShoreTel IP480G $65 YES YES
ShoreTel IP485G $65 YES YES
ShoreTel IP560G $55 YES YES
ShoreTel IP565G $55 YES YES
ShoreTel IP655 $85 YES YES
ShoreTel IP8000 $95 YES YES
ShoreTel IP930D $95 YES YES
ShoreTel IPBB24 $59 YES YES
ShoreTel Dock $100 YES YES
ShoreTel Gear 30 $175 YES YES
ShoreTel Switch 50V ST001 $295 YES YES

Customized quotes based on customer needs always available!


Axis Telesolutions Inc. has a very diverse repair operation and because of this, we are adaptable to your needs. We repair most major manufacturer's telecommunications equipment: Avaya, Nortel, Polycom, Cisco. ShoreTel, Spectralink, and will evaluate any product to determine its repair potential. Our diversity and willingness to explore new ideas has made us a leader in the repair industry as a whole and has made us a front runner in the more complex video conference and wireless repair industry. Our diverse telephone system repair options include: Advance Replacement, Depot Repair, Depot Maintenance, Refurbishing, and Testing

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