Polycom SoundStation Premier Repair Service

Get the most out of your Polycom SoundStation Premier...Call for Repair Options

Polycom is a proven leader in the voice conferencing equipment arena, manufacturing equipment designed to withstand the test of time, and remain technologically relevant for many years after the purchase. For this reason Axis Telesolutions Inc. offers repair services on the Polycom SoundStation Premier, and will extend its useful life while increasing the return on your original investment.

After many years of service your Polycom SoundStation Premier may no longer power up, have static problems, or a broken jack. This does not mean it is time to discard your Polycom and send it to the landfill. Chances are you still need with your Polycom, so Axis will diagnose, repair at the component level, and warranty your Polycom SoundStation Premier.

Repair Only Prices for the Polycom SoundStation Premier start at $95, Click Here for pricing options.

Axis Telesolutions, Inc. offers several levels of repair service, testing service and refurbishing services. The prices listed are for typical repair only services, normal volumes and standard warranties. For more detailed pricing and a description of options for the Polycom SoundStation Premier, please contact an account manager at 866-867-2947 or e-mail us at Polycom SoundStationPremierPricing.

Axis Telesolutions, Inc. is an independent reseller and repair center; reselling and repairing hardware from multiple manufacturers. Axis Telesolutions, Inc. does not represent Polycom.

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