Polycom SoundPoint IP Color Expansion Mod Repair Service

Get the most out of your Polycom SoundPoint IP Color Expansion Mod

Axis Telesolutions, Inc. will improve your ROI; we do this by offering repair services for the Polycom SoundPoint IP Color Expansion Mod. Axis Telesolutions, Inc. will Repair your Polycom SoundPoint IP Color Expansion Mod at the component level, making your telephone look and perform like brand new. Your phone comes with a one-year warranty, is completely refurbished, individually boxed, and has all the necessary parts for redeployment. Polycom SoundPoint IP Color Expansion Mod

FOR SoundPoint IP Color Expansion Mod REPAIR SERVICE DETAILS 

CALL- 866-867-2947 - Email - ColorExpansionModREPAIR

If you are experiencing display problems, static issues or have any other problems with your Polycom SoundPoint IP Color Expansion Mod, you need a reliable source to repair your Polycom Expansion Mod.  Polycom Maintenance programs are costly and Polycom will eventually no longer support your equipment. If you are looking for a less expensive alternative to your current Polycom Service program or Polycom has released an end of support notice for your Polycom system, please contact Axis. We will increase the useful life of your Polycom telecommunications equipment.

*Get the most out of your Polycom SoundPoint IP Color Expansion Mod. Call for repair pricing or review pricing options here.

Axis Telesolutions, Inc. offers several levels of repair service, testing service and refurbishing services.  The prices listed are for typical repair and refurbishing services, normal volumes and standard warranties.  For more detailed pricing and a description of options for the Polycom SoundPoint IP Color Expansion Mod, please contact an account manager at 866-867-2947 or e-mail us at ColorExpansionModRepairPricing.


We offer a *One Year Warranty on Polycom SoundPoint IP Color Expansion Mod Repair Service.

*Please Review complete warranty details here.

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