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IP Office Release 7.0

What's new in IP Office Release 7.0?

IP Office Release 7.0 Product Description

Platform and Hardware Support
IP Office Control Unit Support

IP Office Release 7.0 is supported on the IP500 and IP500 V2 control units only.
Migration Opportunity for BCM and Norstar Customers / Users
For customers with a Nortel BCM or Norstar system Avaya IP Office now offers the possibility to upgrade the system to IP Office while keeping the existing Nortel telephones. IP Office Release 7.0 has been enabled to support these telephones and most of their features. Many features are the same as with BCM / Norstar and most of the rest are supported on IP Office but may have a slightly different look and feel. This gives our BCM / Norstar customers the opportunity to have a smooth migration, as well as saving money, since the existing Nortel telephones can be mixed with Avaya IP Office telephones. Your investment is protected!
The following new hardware components of an IP Office system have been developed to support the Nortel telephones on IP Office.
TCM-8 Extension Card
Up to eight Nortel digital telephones can be connected to this 8-port extension card for IP500 and IP500 V2 control units. Up to four TCM8 cards can be plugged into an IP500 V2 control unit to support up to 32 digital telephones.
DS30A / DS16A Expansion Modules
For larger migrations from BCM or Norstar to IP Office two new IP Office Expansion Modules are available. The DS16A supports up to 16 digital Nortel telephones and the DS30A up to 30. The DS16A is eqipped with one RJ21 connector, the DS30A with two of them.
IP Office Essential Edition - "Quick Mode" and "Standard Mode" Introduction
IP Office Essential Edition μ-Law and a-Law SD cards enable two new modes of operation - Quick Mode and Standard Mode.
When the IP500 V2 is first started, it boots-up in "Quick Mode", which offers a simplified management and e.g.: out of the box operations, two intercom buttons, basic system functionality, voice mailboxes on all telephones, sytem programming support using the Telephone User Interface (TUI), etc. "Quick Mode" makes starting and using the system quick and easy. Using Manager, users who need full IP Office Essential Edition functionality can simply change mode from "Quick Mode" to "Standard Mode". Once the system reboots, it re-starts in "Standard Mode" which is the way that IP Office Essential Edition work, looks and feels today.
Enhanced Offer for Small Systems with 20 Users or Less
The PARTNER Version, Norstar Version, and Essential Edition Quick Mode are specifically designed to address the "Sub-20" user market:
- Server-free operations - voice mail embedded in unit, eliminating the need for external servers.
- "Set it and Forget it" -system requires virtually no 'hands-on' support.
- Out of the box operations - automatically starts up in a basic telephone system mode. No programming required.
- Easy system management - system can be programmed using Telephone User Interface (TUI) commands or the Simplified Manager GUI software for more detailed administration. Investment protection - users can start with the Quick Mode of operation, and switch to Essential Edition Standard Mode later without replacing hardware or licenses (excluding PARTNER ETR modules / ETR telephones).

IP Office Essential Edition - PARTNER Version (North America)
PARTNER Version is designed to work directly out of the box without any programming or administration, allowing users to immediately make and place calls via analog trunks.
PARTNER Version provides the end user a similar desktop experience as the PARTNER ACS: e.g. two dedicated intercom buttons, key system functionality, Caller ID, etc. This helps minimize training requirements and provides the end user with the same comfort level they have come to expect with the PARTNER ACS system.
System Capacities
PARTNER Version supports larger station and trunk capacity as follows (may not be attained simultaneously): 100 Telephones:
- Up to 100 digital telephones (14xx series, 95xx series, Nortel T-series and M-series telephones)
- Up to 100 analog telephones
- Up to 18 PARTNER ETR telephones
64 Trunks:
- Up to 32 analog CO lines
- 1 PRI/T1 (24 lines)
- Up to 20 SIP lines
Investment / Migration protection - users can start with the PARTNER Version or Norstar Version, and migrate
to Essential Edition without replacing hardware or licenses (excluding ETR modules / ETR telephones)
IP Office Essential Edition - Norstar Version (Middle East / North Africa only)
The IP Office Essential Edition - Norstar Version continues the evolution of communications systems for small
IP Office Essential Edition - Norstar Version is also designed to work directly out of the box without any
programming or administration, allowing users to immediately make and place calls via analog trunks.
System Capacities
Norstar Version supports larger station and trunk capacity as follows (may not be attained simultaneously):
100 Telephones:
- Up to 100 digital telephones
- Up to 100 analog telephones
64 Trunks:
- Up to 32 analog CO lines
- Up to 12 BRI channels
- 1 PRI/E1 (30 lines)
- Up to 20 SIP lines
Investment / Migration protection - users can start with the Norstar Version, and migrate to Essential Edition without replacing hardware or licenses (excluding ETR modules / ETR telephones)
IP Office Release 7.0 adds support for the following telephone families:
- 9504 and 9508 digital telephones - 9600 series design, paperless keys, making it easy to change features and button assignments from remote
- 9608, 9621G, and 9641G IP Telephones - paperless keys, making it easy to change features and button assignments from remote. The 9621G and 9641G are equipped with a color touch display.
- BM12 LCD Button Module for the 9508, 9608, and 9641G - paper-less and with dual color LEDs For Nortel BCM and Norstar customers IP Office now supports the following telephone series:
- T7000 Series Digital Telephones: T7000, T7100, T7208, T7316, T7316e (plus the T24KIM - Key Indicator Module)
- M7000 Series Digital Telephones: M7000, M7100, M7208, M7310, M7324 (plus the CAP 48 - Central Answering Position)
- Digital Mobility Solution 2,4 GHz:
7420/7430/7440 Handsets, Base Station 10, Repeater 40, External Antenna 51, DMC 080, DMC 320
- Digital Mobility Solution 1,9 GHz (North America - 1929-1930 MHz):
7439/7449 Handsets, Base Station 19, Repeater 49, External Antenna 51, DMC 080, DMC 320
- Digital Mobility Solution 1,8 GHz (Europe, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand - 1880-1900MHz):
4135/4145/4145EX/4136/4146/4146EX Handsets, Base Station 15, Repeater 25/45, External Antenna 51
New Telephone Features
Support of the Nortel 1100 and 1200 IP telephones series was introduced with Release 6.1 with a basic feature set.
IP Office 7.0 adds new features to those telephones:
- "BCM-style" feature keys with central provisioning as well as e.g. status indication. Includes features like park/pickup, call forwarding etc. For details on the features refer to the product description
- Pick-up option for alerting Busy lamp keys
- Full management integration
- Access to IP Office directory (read only)
Enhancements to Public SIP Trunks
With IP Office 7.0 the following features for SIP trunks are introduced or enhanced:
- Programming templates
- Configurable parameters
- Multiple SIP Trunks
- Transparent Fax Over G.711
- Multiple Codes in LAN and WAN Calls
- Code Lock-Down-
Mobility Enhancements
Switching of active calls between the office telephone and the twinning destination telephone is now simplified: by pressing a key on the desk telephone the call can be switched between the desk telephone and the mobile telephone back and forth.
When using one-X Portal for IP Office in telecommuter mode Mobile Twinning is also supported. A home office worker can now also leave their desk. Any incoming call will twinned to the mobile telephone and can be handled in the same way as in the office.
Essential Edition Voicemail Enhancements
Essential Edition Embedded Voicemail comes with 2 ports and 15 hours as standard. Additional ports can be added simultaneously increasing storage capacity
- 2 additional ports = 4 ports in total = 20 hours of storage
- 4 additional ports = 6 ports in total = 25 hours of storage
Further enhancements to Embedded Voicemail:
- Embedded Voicemail is providing an Automated Attendant and voice mail coverage activated for all telephones on Essential Edition.
- Embedded Voicemail Outcalling Notification - 1 number / 3 attempts
- Embedded Voicemail Message Alert Notification - displays which mailboxes (including Phantom Mailboxes) have new messages waiting for them
Preferred Edition Voicemail Enhancements
VoiceMail Pro Verified Recordings - VoiceMail Pro now has the option to deliver encoded recordings, that when presented back are verified if they have been unmodified.
one-X Portal Enhancements
A new, modern, clean look and feel for the Avaya one-X Portal for IP Office web-client is introduced. The gadgets are now displayed in the Web browser with a 60/40 ratio, and can be resized, moved, minimized, and restored.
Avaya one-X Portal for IP Office provides instant message chat sessions with other one-X Portal for IP Office users.
World Clock Gadget
The World Clock gadget displays the time in selected time zones that have been selected. It is possible to add up to 5 timezones to your world clock. Users can modify or delete them according to their needs. The clock display can be viewed in either of two modes, Timezones or Clocks, selected by clicking on the appropriate tab.
Call Assistant
Avaya one-X Portal for IP Office supports a Call Assistant Plug-In which is a desktop application that installs on the user's PC (Microsoft Windows operating system only). Call Assistant can be used to receive incoming call notifications, answer calls, drop calls, launch the one-X Portal for IP Office browser, and configure screen options.
Customer Call Reporter Enhancements
CCR Agent Control Gadget in one-X Portal for IP Office

This gadget will provide the ability for enabled CCR Agents to define and control their agent presence status and hunt group membership. It enables one-X Portal for IP Office to work as a CCR Agent with the functions:
- Login to a hunt group
- Logout from a hunt group
- Logout from all groups
- Change Agent State to busy n/a or ACW
- Support the input of reason codes
Historical Report UI Enhancements
The user interface in the supervisor screen for reports has been modified. Upon selecting the Reports icon, a new reports page will be displayed. Along the top, there will be tabs for each of the report types available for CCR.
Further CCR Enhancements
- No printing on weekends option
- Option to save reports under different name instead of automatically overwriting
- Logoff button
- Help button
- Animation Frame Rate setting - allows to reduce the frame rate SilverLight uses by default. This will reduce the CPU usage on the server if required
Customer Map:
- Help button
Additional telephones supported on CCR statistics
- IP Office SIP Video Softphone
- Norstar™ digital telephones
- 1100 and 1200 SIP telephones
Monitor Statistics:
- All time statistics will be displayed in the HH:MM:SS format (following localization rules). This will allow the user to not have to figure out how many minutes and hours a statistic reported in seconds only in the past.
- Most averages and floating point statistics will be rounded to the nearest integer or the nearest 1 decimal point to increase clarity. This will apply to real time (Views, Dashboard and Wallboard) and historical statistics (reports). Keeping a decimal point for some statistics is required when it can affect competitiveness between agents or groups, hence affecting productivity.
Administration Enhancements
The IP Office Manager supports IP Office Essential Edition Norstar Version and IP Office Essential Edition PARTNER Version. In these versions, administrator can migrate from 2-digit dial plan to a 3-digit dial plan and vice-versa. The number of users and trunks is also increased from 48 to 100 users and up to 68 Trunks. The IP Office manager has been extended to support TCM8 card, DS30A/DS16A Expansion Modules and BCM / Norstar
M-series and T-series telephones.
A flavor of IP Office Manager called the IP Office Simplified Manager now enables easy configuration of IP Office in IP Office Essential Edition Quick Mode. Quick Mode is managed by the Simplified Manager, a manager designed to reduce the installation times, specifically for Sub-20 type deployments. This is achieved by enabling configuration of features important for this market segment. The Quick Mode of operation further supports two sub-modes, namely KTS Quick Mode and PBX Quick Mode. Based on the type of SD card that is installed in the system, IP Office will boot up in one of the two Sub-Modes. IP Office always boots up in Quick Mode by default. An option to migrate/restart manager in IP Office Standard Mode is also provided. IP Office Manager Essential Edition Quick Mode offers task based configuration to speed up the installation process by providing easy and
intuitive management. The Data Migration Manager (DMM) is a migration tool designed to facilitate quick and easy migration from
other products like BCM and Norstar to IP Office. The DMM tool is launched independently of the source and target applications. DMM will eliminate the need to re-record announcements and greetings when transitioning from BCM or Norstar to IP Office.
New Wall Mount
A new wall mount now offers enhanced cable management. Suitable for all IP Office control units and expansion modules all cables can be hidden under an attractively designed cover with cable management. For customers who just need to wall mount the IP Office control unit the existing wall mount will remain in the IP Office portfolio.
Release License / Upgrade License
When upgrading to Release 7.0 from a previous release the IP Office 7.0 Release License must be present.It comes in two flavors:
- Upgrade to Release 7.0 for systems with 32 extensions or less
- Upgrade to Release 7.0 for all systems with more than 32 extensions
For new installations it is not required to purchase one of these licenses.
90-Day Entitlement Period
Beginning with IP Office Release 6.0 and continuing with IP Office Release 7.0 and the IPO500 V2 hardware, the system may be upgraded to the latest release of IP Office software (in this case Release 7.0) during the entitlement period; within 90 days after the system was first powered up by the customer. The customer has an entitlement period of 90 days from their initial use of the system to install the version of software they wish to run. Should another release of IP Office become available within 90 days of a system first being used, the customer may move to that release without purchasing an upgrade license. Example: if a customer first powered up the IP Office with Release 6.1, they are entitled to Release 7.0 within the 90 day period without charge for a Release 7.0 upgrade license. After the 90 day entitlement period, upgrade license charges will apply.
Voice Communication Solution Features
IP Office offers a comprehensive list of features and benefits for the small or mid-size business, including:
- Full PBX Features
Caller ID, Call Forwarding, Conference Calling, Voice Messaging and more.
- Trunk Interfaces
A variety of network trunk interfaces, including E1, T1, PRI, ISDN, SIP, analog loop start and analog ground start for comprehensive network connectivity. Not all trunk types are available in all territories, please check for local availability.
- Extensions
Support for a range of extensions, from 2 to 384 that provide sophisticated voice performance for new and growing businesses.
- Telephones
A variety of telephones including analog, digital and IP hard and softphones (wired and wireless) that provide the appropriate desktop or device telephone for every need.
- Advanced Call Routing
Incoming calls are directed to the best available person or messaging service, according to the company's unique criteria.
- Alternate Call Routing
Ensures reliable handling of calls by selecting from analog, digital or VoIP trunks.
- QSIG Networking
Standards-based multi-site networking to interoperate with other PABXs (licensed feature).
- Integrated H.323 and SIP Gatekeeper and Gateway for Converged Communications
The IP Office acts as an IP telephony server with Quality of Service (QoS) support through DiffServ for call routing
- SIP Trunking
SIP trunking to Internet Telephony Service Providers. IP Office allows users with non-SIP telephones to make and receive SIP trunk calls
Data Communication Solution Features
For offices with basic data networking needs, IP Office can provide a complete data communications and networking solution:
- Internet Access
Firewall protected leased line or dial-up connectivity via PRI, T1 or WAN port: high-speed dialed access, direct leased line connections for high usage and Web site hosting, integral security, and efficient access to information and a larger business presence via the Web.
- Routing
Integral Static or Dynamic (RIP I/II) routing for both Internet and Branch-to-Branch solutions.
- Security
NAT (Network Address Translation) and built in firewall to protect your internal network and IPSec support allows secure VPN data transmission across public IP Networks using 3DES encryption.
Automatic IP address allocation for local and remotely attached PC's and other devices, including IP telephones.
- LAN Switching
The IP Office 500 V2 offers 2 switched Layer 3 Ethernet ports.
- LDAP Client Support
For standards based directory synchronization with one-X Portal for IP Office and Phone Manager.
Applications Platform Features
IP Office provides big business benefits and enhanced productivity for small and mid-size businesses with a full complement of sophisticated applications.
IP Office provides a number of free applications (eg. Phone Manager Lite, Microsoft TAPI service). These applications can be upgraded to provide enhanced functionality through the purchase of license keys. The complete list of applications are:
- Operator SoftConsole
A graphical User Interface (GUI) for attendants on their PC desktop for call handling. Works with a telephone and is an easy way to learn and use sophisticated tools in a comfortable environment.
- Avaya one-X™ Portal for IP Office
A powerful client/server web application that allows the user to control and manage phone calls from a web browser with the standard LDAP protocol for connectivity to external directories.
- Open CTI interfaces
IP Office has a built in TAPI server that integrates easily with popular contact management applications such as Outlook. Sophisticated custom applications can be rapidly developed and deployed with our full software development kit.
- Voicemail
Callers can always be answered with a personal voicemail greeting before a message is taken and message notification set. Messages can be shared (forwarded) with colleagues and retrieved by any telephone capable of tone dialing. When used with one-X Portal for IP Office, the PC can be used to control message playback.
- Integrated Voicemail to Email Presentation
Voice messages can be copied into email messages and delivered into the email system. IP Office uses SMTP or MAPI* to deliver a copy of the voice message.
Note: MAPI is not supported with VoiceMail Pro on Linux version delivered with the Application Server DVD
- Unified Messaging (UMS)
The Unified Messaging Service within Preferred Edition provides a higher level of integration to synchronize both voicemail and email inboxes.
- Auto-Attendant
Simplify service for administrators with this easy-to-use feature with the ability to construct customized automated services allowing callers to efficiently navigate the system, and reach the right person, without the assistance of an operator. Available with Preferred Edition and with Essential Edition.
- Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and Text to Speech
Create automated customized systems allowing callers to interact with business information, for example, reading email, account enquiry systems, automated ordering systems, ticket purchasing systems, PIN checking, remote time sheet management, etc. Enhance these systems by using Text To Speech to read information back to callers. Available with Advanced Edition.
- Queue Manager and Campaign Manager
Powerful voice and IVR applications for the Contact Center that facilitate agent and traffic management for better productivity and customer service.
- Customer Call Reporter (CCR)
Available with Advanced Edition and combined with the built-in Automatic Call Distribution functionality of IP Office, CCR enables a small business to track and measure customer service and agent productivity levels
- CCR delivers:
- Simple/Intuitive Reporting
- Browser/Thin Client Architecture
- Single Server Efficiency (with Preferred Edition)
- Target Segment: Small Business<30 agents
- Can support up to 150 agents
- 30 supervisors
- One administrator

IP Office Platform
IP Office is a modular communications solution that scales from 2 to 384 extensions on a single platform. IP Office supports up to 32 sites and 1000 users in a multi-site network with resilient and redundant capabilities. It provides a hybrid PBX with both Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) and IP telephone and trunk support that can be used in either mode or both concurrently. IP Office has data capabilities built in, providing IP routing, switching and firewall protection between LAN and WAN (LAN2). IP Office has a web based applications suite that delivers contact center reporting, voice and email messaging, Interactive Voice Response, conferencing and computer telephony integration. IP Office solutions are built from hardware units and application software. Hardware provides the connectivity for voice and data circuits and processor units for the solution software. Each IP Office solution will require a system control unit (IP500 V2), trunk connections to service provider, and expansion modules for TDM telephone cabling. IP Telephones connect over LAN connections to the IP Office solution.
With Release 7.0, new Digital Station modules will be available supporting select Nortel digital telephones. The new DS modules will support RJ21 connectors on the telephone station side. Enhanced support for select Nortel IP telephones will be available with Release 7.0. Refer to the hardware section later in this document.


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