One Year Warranty

Axis Telesolutions Inc. offers a variety of warranty options. The one year warranty is an advance replacement warranty protecting against manufacturer defects. You will feel confident in knowing your equipment is backed by a leader in the telecommunication industry.

Partner Phone System Sales and Service

Axis Telesolutions Inc. is an independant locally owned, Services Provider, ready to service and supply hardware for your Partner Telephone System. We offer Repair Services, sell Telephones, Expansion Modules and Processors for the current Avaya Partner Telephone Systems and the legacy Lucent Partner Telephone Systems nationally, and offer service in the St Louis area.

We have the Partner 18D Telephones, Partner ACS Processors, Partner Voicemails, Partner Expansion Modules and Partner Designation Covers, in stock. Call us at 314-333-4250 or 866-867-2947.

Partner Telephone System Service
Axis Telesolutions Inc offers multiple options for your Partner Service. Our capabilities go much farther than your typical Partner System Service Provider. We have an extensive stock of Avaya products so we will be able to address your system outage with a technician and hardware, decreasing your down time. We also have our own in house repair facility, so in addition to having replacement parts, we offer you a repair alternative also. This gives you the option to repair your defective hardware and return it to service immediately or to keep it as a spare for future emergencies.

Reprogram Your System
Most businesses have not changed the programming on their phone system since its initial installation. Our technicians can reprogram your system while on site, correcting call appearances, removing unused telephone lines and adding appropriate features.

New Cable Runs for Voice and Data Jacks
Our technicians can install cables for your telephones and computers if you need to add additional telephones or need to move them to a new location.

System Upgrades
Adding a feature like Voicemail or Caller ID may be a simple upgrade allowing you to keep your Partner System in service saving you thousands of dollars.

Telephone Upgrades
You may have non display phones or undersized displays, so a telephone upgrade may be in order.

New Cords, Designation Strip, and Designation Covers
Chances are your business telephone system labels have not been correct in years. Make sure you take advantage of our technician while you have him. He can replace outdated designation strips making your phone more functional and easier to use.

Partner Telephone System Comparison Chart Up to ACS R6
Find out what release you have using a non display telephone.
Find out what release you have using a display telephone by pressing Feature 59.

Partner Telephone Photo Gallery

Partner Telephone System Overview
The Partner family of telephone systems started with the Partner Basic R1, Partner Basic R2, Partner Basic R3, Partner Basic R3.1, Partner Basic R4.0 and the Partner Basic R4.1. Then the Partner Plus R1, Partner Plus R2, Partner Plus R3, Partner Plus R3.1, Partner Plus R4.0 and the Partner Plus R4.1. Ultimately, this first generation was expanded to the Partner II R1, Partner II R2, Partner II R3, Partner II R3.1, Partner II R4.0, Partner II R4.0.1 and Partner II R4.1. This series of Partner systems used the Partner MLC6 (cordless), Partner MLS6, Partner MLS12, Partner MLS12D, Partner MLS18D and Partner MLS34D which allows you to add the MLS CA24 and MLS CA48. The modules used on in the series were the Partner 200, Partner 206, Partner 206E, Partner 400 and the Partner 400E and they would either go into the Partner 5 slot carrier or the Partner 2 slot carrier. The Partner II could be expanded on with a second carrier called the Partner II Expansion carrier. When these systems were introduced, Caller ID and Voice Mail were relatively new, so you may not have these features, but there was a Partner Mail Voice Messaging System, Partner Mail VS R1, Partner Mail VS R3 and Partner Mail VS R4 and these could be expanded on with expansion cards.

The second generation of Partner Communications equipment was the Partner 308 Advanced Communications System or the Partner 308ACS. This series had a processor, 3 line ports and 8 station ports all in one card and could be expanded from this. It made adding features and expansion more convenient. This series started with the Partner ACS R1 and quickly moved to the Partner ACS R1.1. After this quick change the systems were upgraded as follows, Partner ACS R2.0.1, Partner ACS R3, Partner ACS R4, Partner ACS R5 and Partner ACS R6. You can use all of the MLS telephones on the Partner 308 ACS, in addition to the new models. The common name for these phones was Partner Euro Style and the models were: Partner 6, Partner 18, Partner 18D, and Partner 34D which you could add the CA48 to. You could use the modules from the earlier version but you would be limited on features. The new modules were the Partner 308E and Partner 308EC. There were also new voicemail options; the Partner Mail VS R5 and the PCMCIA Voice Mail which is called the Partner Voice Messaging. The Partner Voice Messaging came in two sizes, small and large.
The third evolution of the Partner ACS was the Partner 509 Advanced Communications System. The system starts with 5 line and nine telephone stations and is expanded in a similar manner to the 308ACS. The 509 started as a Release 7 and finished as a Release 8 and is a very popular system that will address most users' needs. There were newer model telephones that accompanied this release and they are the Partner II or the Partner II Euro Style. The model like follow similar characteristics, with a Partner 6 Button w/Display, Partner 18 Button w/Display and Partner 34 button w/display. The new modules are the T1 module and the 012 Module which add twelve telephone stations.

The final chapter to the Partner family has not been written. The phones are still being produced and can be added to the Avaya IP Office which is the current platform being offered to small and medium size business. The bottom line is: there are still plenty of parts available, so if your Partner Telephone System still meets your needs from a technology stand point, you can continue to use it for many years to come.

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