One Year Warranty

Axis Telesolutions Inc. offers a variety of warranty options. The one year warranty is an advance replacement warranty protecting against manufacturer defects. You will feel confident in knowing your equipment is backed by a leader in the telecommunication industry.

Telecom and Data Specialists

At Axis Telesolutions, Inc., customer service and personal relationships are still a main component of how we operate. You can call our accounts managers at 866-867-2947 or email your questions to All of our account managers are long time voice and data professionals, so we want you to take advantage of their expertise and let them assist you in finding the correct communications hardware. Once you are working with your account manager we make ordering easy. You can contact your account manager anytime. We can accept purchase orders from your automated purchasing software or via email. Contact one of our communications specialists today.

Dan Fry

DID:314-880-4612 - DID:877-880-4612 -

Dan has been in the telecommunications and data hardware industry for over fifteen years. With all of these years under his belt, he has seen the industry from all aspects. His first experiences were in managing the warehouse and refurbishing operations for a company whose primary focus was on new and refurbished Nortel. After many successful years of literally getting to know the ins and outs of hardware, he decided to move into account management and that is where he has been for the last nine years. Dan's initial focus on Nortel soon expanded to include Avaya, and then to several other manufacturers like Spectralink, Polycom and Plantronics. Dan is used to working with the big hitters in the industry, maintaining one of the largest hospitals in the country, along with working with the federal government so you can expect strong customer service and a pension for detail.

Laura McNamee DID:314-880-4620 - DID:866-321-4620 -

Laura has been in voice and data for a long time but she didn't start in telecom, she was a road warrior selling chemicals. This experience helped her hone her skills into a detail orientated arena, but that was over 15 years ago and she has been in technology ever since. She gave up chemicals but not the road; she took on the task of selling complete systems and services. She hit the streets and the conference rooms providing proposals to sell systems of all sizes. She finally gave up the streets for a desk and a headset selling Avaya, Nortel, Polycom and Plantronics or anything else you want to put in front of her. Laura works with all sizes and shapes of customers handling repair needs for maintenance providers, massive headset orders for hospitals, and everything in between. All those years on the street taught Laura to hustle and take care of her customers and that is what you can expect from her.

Mark Gersten DID:314-880-4622 - DID:877-552-4622 -

Mark is an expert when it comes to refurbished and new voice and data hardware. He has been in the industry for over fifteen years doing exactly the same thing that he does today; supplying hardware. When you do something as long as Mark has, you understand what it takes to insure your customers' happiness. Saying Mark knows what it takes to make a customer happy is a little understated because that is his primary goal and he takes it to heart. You can't just say you want to make a customer happy you have to have the knowledge to do it. Over the years, Mark has gone from being primarily an Avaya hardware guru to an all around telecom and data expert, rounding out his experience with Nortel, Polycom, Spectralink and Plantronics, along with many other manufacturers. Mark works with a wide variety of clients and he is not afraid to take on the demanding tasks. When you are supporting a client that has hundreds of locations and they need equipment fast, and they need it every day, you have to be on your toes, and Mark can handle this. When you work with Mark you will get an account manager that is always there for you and looking out for your best interest.



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